Jobs and the Economy

From the agricultural plains of the Central Valley to the beautiful Pacific coastline and everything in-between, there is no better place to live, work or invest than California. It is the eighth largest economy in the world, home to fifty-seven Fortune 500 companies and, according to Dow Jones Venture Source, leads the nation in venture capital: drawing 40 percent of the deals nationwide 3.5 times as many as the next highest state.

The importance of California's economy to the United States is unquestioned. As a share of the nation's whole, California accounts for 14 percent of the nation's GDP and 11 percent of the nation's exports.


Education: Early Childhood to College & Career

If we are serious about closing the income gap, we must get serious about closing the opportunity gap and that begins with education.

Lieutenant Governor Newsom is a firm believer in constructing an integrated continuum beginning with early childhood education and resulting in students on a path to college and career.


Energy & Environment

Through the State Lands Commission, Lt. Governor Newsom is addressing the complex challenges of climate change and California's clean energy future, and has positioned California as a leader in land and resource management.

From guiding the retirement of California's last nuclear plant, to defending the coast from more offshore oil drilling, Lt. Governor Newsom twenty-first century focus has set the highest standards of safety and preservation of California's natural resources, ensuring that California's economic growth is future-oriented, smart, and sustainable.


Criminal Justice Reform & Public Safety

One of government's core functions is to ensure public safety. When individuals who pose no threat to public safety get caught up in the criminal justice system and the revolving door of incarceration, society is faced with enormous consequential costs.

With deep racial and socioeconomic inequities in our criminal justice system, Lt. Governor Newsom has led at the forefront of major smart-on-crime policies that are benefitting the economy, saving cost state budget; and making our communities safer.