Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom on Announcement by Senator Boxer


(San Francisco) - California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom issued the following statement on today's announcement by U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer.

With the courage of her convictions and the unflinching spirit of a true warrior-advocate, Senator Barbara Boxer has earned a seat in the pantheon of great California leaders. On issue after issue, she has given voice to the voiceless, spoken truth to power, shined a bright light on injustices previously ignored, and brought dignity and honor to a profession that too often loses sight of those qualities. A champion for women and children and a force of nature for preserving our natural environment, her public service leaves a proud and indelible legacy.

Growing up in Marin County, I remember Senator Boxer as my tenacious representative on the Board of Supervisors and I knew at a young age what every American everywhere now knows to be an immutable truth - there's no "quit" in Barbara Boxer. While she might leave the Senate, she will never retire from her leadership on the progressive causes she's led for decades.

I wish Senator Boxer and her family the very best.