STATEMENT: California Lt. Governor Newsom on Trump Immigration Orders


SACRAMENTO - California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom issued the following statement on President Trump's executive orders related to immigration:

"President Trump claims to bring his business acumen to the White House but today's announcement is not just inhumane and immoral - it is a declaration of national economic devastation.

"Inflicting financial sanctions or mass deportation on the nation's most economically-dynamic regions would decimate the workforce, strip businesses of their consumer base, and eviscerate the entrepreneurialism that drives our economy.

"It's also irresponsible and irrational to force cities to participate in deportation crackdowns by threatening to take away their public safety and homeland security dollars - since the inevitable result will be making our cities and our homeland far less safe and secure. Immigrants and local communities should not be compelled to spend precious taxpayer dollars doing the job of the federal government on immigration enforcement.

"Reasonable people share support for local, state and federal cooperation in pursuing dangerous violent criminals, regardless of their immigration status. This was San Francisco's policy and one I fought to uphold as mayor.

"During that time, however, I also witnessed the federal government's abuse of those powers, where they swept up law abiding individuals, separated parents from children, and sowed seeds of distrust between communities and local law enforcement. That is why citywide refuge policies are widely supported by law enforcement and the public at large.

"If President Trump and Republicans in Washington are serious about the economy, and law and order, they would be wise to abandon this cynical nativism."