Lt. Governor Newsom votes in support of San Francisco's Mission Rock proposal, advancing project's approval process


(PALM SPRINGS) - Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom voted in support of the proposed Mission Rock Development at today's State Lands Commission hearing in Palm Springs. The Commission's unanimous approval allows the Mission Rock Development to proceed- supporting rehabilitation of San Francisco's Pier 48, creation of new public parks and open space, public waterfront revitalization, and construction of affordable housing units and commercial property. The project, first advanced over decade ago, has also been approved by the County Board of Supervisors and Port Commission requires a regulatory green light from the Bay Conservation and Development Commission to move forward.

"To see this important project, conceived when I was San Francisco's mayor, edge closer to being realized is very encouraging and I know Mayor Lee, who also dedicated time and energy to moving this forward, would have been gratified too," said State Lands Commissioner and Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom. "The Mission Rock project will transform the area, enhancing waterfront access and affordable housing opportunities while creating over 8 acres of new waterfront parks and open space."

More than 12 acres of waterfront will be rehabilitated and designated as parks and open space for public enjoyment. The remaining lands will be designated as commercial space to encourage patronage along the waterfront and generate revenue for the state, while adding over 1,400 affordable housing units.

Because the Mission Rock Development will include nonpublic use on public trust lands, the San Francisco Port Commission was required to submit a Public Trust study to the State Lands Commission for review. Leasing certain land parcels for nonpublic use is expected to generate revenue that will accelerate the rehabilitation of historic sites and waterfront plazas and open space along the waterfront.

The State Lands Commission's vote aligns with the City and County of San Francisco's support of the Mission Rock Development- both the Board of Supervisors and San Francisco Port Commission adopted resolutions supporting the project. The development project was carefully crafted to ensure public trust lands are managed to benefit all Californians while protecting the state's natural resources and public access to these previous lands and resources for future generations.