Lieutenant Governor Newsom votes to pursue legislation granting Public Trust lands in the Sacramento Railyards to the City


(PALM SPRINGS) -- Lieutenant Governor and State Lands Commissioner Gavin Newsom today voted in favor of the Commission pursuing legislation to permit the transfer of Public Trust Lands to the City of Sacramento. The legislation would authorize the City to develop the land to increase public access and use. The parcels are adjacent to the Sacramento Railyards, once dubbed the largest urban infill project in the nation.

"Granting local control of this property will allow the City to realize its vision of a vibrant waterfront in downtown Sacramento," said Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom."It is essential that we increase opportunities for the public to use and enjoy our state's open spaces and natural resources, which builds communities, encourages healthy recreation, and fosters environmental stewardship."

Today's unanimous approval of the State Lands Commission directs staff to work with the state legislature on legislation that would transfer certain parcels of Public Trust Land to the City of Sacramento. The land would form part of the City's Riverfront Master Plan to revitalize the waterfront and encourage greater public use and enjoyment of this resource. The land's proximity to Old Sacramento, a tourist destination, contributes to its potential as a vibrant public space for the City and and also holds significant preservation value. Plans for this area include trails and other improvements to attract visitors to the waterfront. The City of Sacramento would continue to manage the parcels in tandem with the Public Trust to ensure its use will benefit Californians and preserve natural resources.

In 2007, the Commission approved an exchange agreement with the City of Sacramento, California Department of Parks and Recreation, and IA Sacramento Holdings, L.L.C., which brought these parcels into the Public Trust. The agreement stipulated that the Commission would seek legislation to transfer this land to the City to hold and administer according to the Public Trust Doctrine.