Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom on the Detainment and Separation of Immigrant Families


(SACRAMENTO) - Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom issued the following statements via Twitter on the Trump Administration's zero-tolerance immigration policy and the recent practices of detaining and separating immigrant families along the southern border:

"Trump's policies of detaining families and separating children at our border are cruel, inhumane, and fly in the face of California's values. We want no part in these camps and your demonization of immigrants."

"Trump's Executive Order does not address:
- How these 2,000+ children will be reunited with their parents.
- His plan to create new detention facilities for FAMILIES.
Separating kids is sick - but so is imprisoning families indefinitely."


"Trump tried to use DREAMers as bargaining chips. That didn't work. Now he's threatening a shutdown and using children - toddlers, 8 month old babies - as bargaining chips to get funding for a useless wall he claimed Mexico would pay for. It's sick."

"There are moments in history where we look back and say what would I have done to stop such an atrocity from occurring? This is one of those moments. We cannot become numb to this. We cannot turn away. We cannot let this administration get away with this."