Bail Reform

In December 2016, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom joined California lawmakers to introduce bills reforming the cash bail system and restoring justice to California's pre-trial process.

California's cash bail system unjustly punishes people who are poor, who are not a danger to society or at risk of leaving town and missing their court hearings.

Presently, 64-percent of county jail inmates are simply awaiting trial or sentencing because many don't have the money to post bail or pay a bail agent, which often costs thousands of dollars. The results are devastating both for individuals who often lose their jobs, their homes and everything else of value before a court has even determined guilt, and society that pays the high cost of housing pretrial defendants in jail.

Lt. Governor Newsom has called for an end to the cash bail system, arguing that freedom in California should not be conditional on a person's ATM balance, but instead based on risk to society.

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