Preserving California's Natural Resources

California's scenic beauty, natural resources, and recreational opportunities abound from the snow-capped mountains to the wave-cast coast, and from the towering redwoods to the rolling desert. These natural resources are integral to the state's identity, and this inherent value prompts action in the face of environmental threats.

Recognizing the importance of coastal areas for their ecological and recreational value, the Lieutenant Governor has taken a stand for coastal access and protection of California's beaches. Through his role on the State Lands Commission, he has pursued efforts to guarantee public access for Martins Beach in San Mateo County. He also secured an important environmental victory by negotiating settlement terms for the retirement of California's last coastal sand mine, which was intensifying erosion rates and threatening beaches in Monterey County.

A lifelong California resident, the Lieutenant Governor has a deeply-rooted appreciation for the state's natural resources and their ecological, economic, recreational, historic, and inherent value. He is proud to uphold these values as an elected official for the State of California.

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