Protecting the Coast from Offshore Oil Drilling

Coastal communities rely on healthy marine ecosystems to support their thriving ocean economies - estimated at $44 billion. The consequences of episodic, catastrophic spills as well as recurrent, lingering leaks threaten the environment and livelihood of coastal communities.

California has not approved a new oil and gas lease in state waters since 1969. Despite the state's shift away from offshore drilling, the federal government has raised the possibility of expanded offshore oil and gas exploration in federal waters off California's coast.

Under his chairmanship of the State Lands Commission, Lieutenant Governor Newsom has taken an unequivocal stance against expanded offshore oil drilling and has resolved that no new federal offshore drilling is brought ashore using infrastructure on California's state lands.

The state's environmental leadership is synonymous with the explosive growth of green technology and renewable energies, proving that sustainable values and economic growth go hand-in-hand. Expanding offshore oil and gas drilling in California is counterproductive to developing and installing the green infrastructure technologies necessary to stave off the worst effects of climate change, and positioning California at forefront of the new global economy.

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