Creating Pathways to a Sustainable Future

California is no stranger to bold changes to the status quo, and it is in this spirit that the state has risen to the challenge of replacing polluting practices with sustainable technologies and emissions-reduction goals. From the state's rigorous emissions standards to its landmark cap-and-trade market, California has demonstrated that sustainability measures can promote the common good while maintaining or enhancing the economy and job growth.

Through his role on the State Lands Commission, Lieutenant Governor Newsom has seized opportunities to negotiate terms to retire operations that are inconsistent with the state's environmental goals while concurrently ensuring protections for employees. His success in these negotiations has led to the retirement of California's last nuclear plant - an important milestone in the state's energy and environmental policy.

The State Lands Commission has also successfully abandoned an oil well leaking on the beach in Summerland, California. The leaking well serves as a reminder of the environmental hazards associated with fossil fuels, and the need for energy sources that pose minimal risks to the environment and public health.

For the Lieutenant Governor, it is imperative that environmental policy guides California toward a future of clean and affordable energy, equal access to clean air and water, and healthy communities - while also sustaining economic growth. His bold vision for California's sustainable future does not overlook the financial realities faced by California residents, and will guide the state to a sustainable future for the benefit of all Californians.

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