Jessica Eve Rattner

Curator’s Statement

Photo of Artist Jessica Eve Rattner

Artist Jessica Eve Rattner

“Jessica Eve Rattner’s exquisite, saturated color photography from her series Sea Change are but a small sample of a years-long exploration into the life of an older woman whom Rattner befriended in San Francisco, CA. The works are lovingly rendered and painstakingly curated, and represent but a small sample of a larger project. The works in our offices are some of the more traditionally beautiful images from an otherwise haunting and powerful depiction of Rattner’s subject’s life. What is so compelling about Rattner’s work is how attentive she is to her subjects. She spends years documenting lives that, to perhaps many others, have become invisible, and she portrays these lives in high-impact color. Demonstrating equal respect for the women she photographs and for the art of photography itself, Rattner produces work that is both beautiful and profound. The rendering of images with such intense hues, such tight compositions– so many elements that are so pleasing to the viewer- lulls us into contemplating subject matter that we might otherwise not see. One of the many great benefits of art is that it can make us see the quotidian with fresh eyes, and in the process allow us to reconsider the truth, or perhaps we are seeing the truth from another perspective. What UC Davis MFA candidate Jessica Eve Rattner is doing is not just making beautiful objects, but giving her viewers an opportunity to view familiar things, and people, as if for the first time. It is wonderful to be able to include works by this emerging artist in our Lt. Governor’s Arts Project.” Jessica Eve Rattner is currently a Graduate Fellow at the Headlands Center for the Arts. Visit Jessica Eve Rattner for more information.