LG Arts Project

The Lt. Governor’s portfolio has historically consisted of two main areas: California’s public institutions of higher education (both the UC and the CSU systems) and the environment. Lt. Governor Kounalakis is honoring both with the implementation of the Lt. Governor’s Arts Project.

A lover of art and a proponent of California’s creative traditions, Lt. Governor Kounalakis enlisted the help of curator and arts education advocate Joni Binder to direct the new Arts Project. A holder of a fine arts degree herself, Ms Binder looks to highlight the work of art students and faculty from our public universities as the backbone of the Project, and plans on bringing in the work of other California artists, particularly those who work in ways that help tell the story of our state. She will also be bringing in historical photography to round out the program.

Inquiries regarding submissions can be sent through the Contact page. 

Featured Artists

Jessica Eve Rattner

Jessica Eve Rattner’s exquisite, saturated color photography from her series Sea Change are but a small sample of a years-long exploration into the life of an older woman whom Rattner befriended in San Francisco, CA. The works are lovingly rendered and painstakingly curated, and represent but a small sample of a larger project. The works in our offices are some of the more traditionally beautiful images from an otherwise haunting and powerful depiction of Rattner’s subject’s life.

Artist and photographer Tabitha Soren

Artist Tabitha Soren

Tabitha Soren is known to many fans as a prominent television news journalist from the hey-day of MTV. She is now a practicing artist of significant import with works in important private and public collections. We are delighted to have a complete series of the artist’s Panic Beach photographic series.
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Photo of Gabriella Willenz

Artist Gabriella Willenz

Gabriella Willenz’s loan of six photographic works from her series “Standard Deviation” explores identity and ethnic identity through a year-long project in Jaffa, Israel. Along with two collaborators, Willenz interviewed and photographed residents of the heterogenous city with an eye to recognizing the inconsistencies of the lives of the Jewish and Arab residents, and the work raises questions about societal categories and assumptions.
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Artist adn photographer Michael Jang

Artist Michael Jang

On loan for the Lt. Governor’s Arts Project is the iconic California image Golden Gate Bridge 50th Anniversary (1987). Michael Jang’s portfolio of imagery explores many facets of California, from the punk scene of Los Angeles in the late 1970s to images of his family today to capturing the essence of the rodeo scene in the state’s rural communities. The image of the Golden Gate Bridge is the great gateway to the west and its symbolism is universal..
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Artist and Photographer Peter Tomka

Artist Peter Tomka

Peter Tomka’s Untitled work is a double-exposed photograph that features two of California’s energy solutions and elements of its landscapes. This work innately relates to the Lieutenant Governor’s role in our vast and varied state and Lt. Governor Kounalakis’s vital leadership on the California State Lands Commission.
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