Michael Jang

Image of Artist Michael Jang

Artist Michael Jang. Photo by Alix Bluh.

Curator’s Statement 

In selecting works for our inaugural installation for the Lieutenant Governor’s Arts Project, Michael Jang’s Golden Gate Bridge 50th Anniversary (1987) was an essential element. This photograph of thousands of revelers crowding the Golden Gate Bridge on its semi-centennial celebration captures a moment that exemplifies some of California’s greatest strengths: our innovation, our vision, our spirit, and our diversity.

Mr. Jang, a San Francisco-based photographer, makes work that is both poignant and intimate. In a sea of myriad possibilities, made up of potential split-second shutter compressions, somehow this photographer picks the right time to make an image of exuberance or of quiet, of urgency or of repose. His editorial eye, along with his innate sense of place and time, is on par with the great street photographers Garry Winogrand and Lee Friedlander. We are delighted to feature his work.

Image of Michael Jang's photograph called Golden Gate Bridge 1987 of a large group of people on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge 1987 by artist Michael Jang