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Progress Review (2016): An Economic Growth and Competitiveness Agenda For California

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Five years after Lt. Governor Newsom published California's first statewide economic plan in over a decade, a new review has found that over 75-percent of its original recommendations were implemented or partially implemented.

The Progress Review recognizes the leadership of Governor Brown and legislative leaders in steering the 'California Comeback' while sounding a cautionary note on current inequalities and future economic challenges facing the state.

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An Economic Growth and Competitiveness Agenda For California (2011)

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Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom has unveiled his Economic Growth and Competitiveness Agenda for California, articulating a vision for success in building the Next Economy in the great state of California.

The agenda is guided by a set of principles that must be agreed upon by stakeholders at all levels and does not seek to recreate the past and restore the jobs lost to global competition or to revive the debt-fueled follies of the past. It embraces a shift from a consumption-based economy to a production economy focused on global trade.

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Report on the State of Higher Education in California

In collaboration with Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, the Committee for Economic Development (CED) released Boosting California's Postsecondary Education Performance at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco. The report examines the state of California's higher education framework and provides recommendations for improvement.

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Blue Ribbon Commission Pathways Report on Marijuana Policy

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A panel of leading legal, academic, law enforcement and policy experts, chaired by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom in partnership with the American Civil Liberties Union of California, released an extensive report detailing the complexities of marijuana legalization in California.

The report includes fifty-eight recommendations for policy makers and the public to consider and help the state prepare for the possibility of recreational legalization for adult use. The report makes clear that protecting youth and promoting public health and safety must be paramount, and guide all other decisions surrounding legalization.

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Connecting People with Government

Digital Democracy Transforms Government Transparency

Developed with Cal Poly students, the hi-tech online platform launched by Gavin Newsom and Sam Blakeslee opens Capitol insider knowledge to citizens, reporters, and small advocacy groups statewide. Digital Democracy uses voice and facial recognition, data mining and natural language processing to offer Californians access to state legislative hearings with a Google-like search, and allows users to identify key capitol players and their connections to campaigns, interest groups, and other legislative actions.

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Gavin Newsom Launches California Report Card

Californians can now use smartphones to grade their state on timely issues. Developed by the office of Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom with the CITRIS Data and Democracy Initiative at UC Berkeley, the "California Report Card" (CRC) is a pilot project that aims to increase public engagement with political issues and to help leaders at all levels stay informed about the changing opinions and priorities of their constituents.

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QuakeCAFE Launched as a Mobile Wake-Up Call for Californians

No one likes to be reminded that there's a 99.7% chance that California will experience a major earthquake in the next 30 years, but a little preparedness can go a long way. This new mobile-friendly webiste website - launch by the CITRIS Connected Communities Initiative at UC Berkeley in collaboration with the Office of the Lt. Governor - uses six quick questions to show visitors how they comprae with others and gathers input on how California could become better prepared.

It takes less than two minutes to try.

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